Mondkapje 100 % katoen

Mondkapje 100 % katoen


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  • This is not a medical device or personal protective equipment
  • The mask is not used as protective equipment against infections or other pollutants or for use in healthcare or as occupational safety
  • 100% organic cotton, satin, smooth
  • High quality satin fabric with high thread density TC250 – pre-shrunk
  • Boil-proof 95 °, suitable for industrial washing
  • Including cloth bag for optional filter material
  • Skin-friendly, breathable and produced without harmful chemicals
  • Please wash at high temperature before wearing for the first time
  • The mask should only be worn over the mouth and nose and should be removed or replaced when wet
  • The masks used should be sealed as contamination-proof as possible in a bag or otherwise airtight, or washed immediately after use
  • Hands and relevant parts of the face should be adequately cleaned before and after removing or touching the mask


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